Mite Buster Pro is a patented vacuum attachment that is specifically designed to eradicate spider mite webbing on a flowered plant before the webbing kills the plant or further stunts its growth.

Many times a spider mite infestation will go unnoticed until the later phases of the plants’ flowering cycle, thus killing the plant or even an entire crop.  If the webbing does not kill the plant, it will severely impede the crucial last stages of growth. The use of pesticides and other chemicals to eradicate the infestation severely impacts quality and taste, and also causes dangerous health hazards.  Mite Buster Pro provides the gardener with extra mite-free days or weeks at the end of the flowering phase, without the need for pesticides or other chemicals.

A flowering marijuana plant infested by spider mite webbing.
A flowering marijuana plant infested with spider mite webbing.

Unfortunately, most gardeners do control the damage to their garden with the use of pesticides, in spite of common knowledge that these types of poisonous substances should not be ingested in the human body.  Also, the use of pesticides greatly impacts the taste and quality of the product if used in the flowering phase of the plant’s growth.  Some instances result in entire crops being thrown out. 

An entire crop infected with spider mites.
An entire crop infected with spider mites.

In fact, the states that have legalized recreational and medical use of marijuana have adopted testing practices to eliminate these types of chemicals from showing up in the final product.  If found, the marijuana grower is forced to throw away many plants that they have spent a large amount of time and money producing.

Mite Buster Pro is the only device of its kind on the market to eradicate spider mite infestation during the flowering phase without the use of pesticides.


During the 8+ years I owned an indoor gardening store, I had the opportunity to speak with and learn from various gardeners with years of experience.  One thing I picked up was that during the later stages of their edible plants’ flowering phase they would use a shop vacuum to suck up spider mite webbing in order to avoid using chemical pesticides and other dangerous sprays.  Not only is the residue left from these types of chemicals harmful to ingest, it also greatly impacts the taste of the final product.  So instead, these conscientious gardeners would spend large amounts of time diligently trying to rid their plants of spider mites by carefully vacuuming each individual flower and branch. 

After speaking with many of these professional gardeners and researching methods to make the task of vacuuming mites from plants easier, safer to the plant and less time consuming, I worked with an engineer to develop Mite Buster Pro. 

Mite Buster Pro was specifically designed to make the task easier and improve the final result.  Now, this product is available to provide all indoor gardeners with welcome peace of mind in the event of spider mite infestation.

The Industry

According to Arcview Market Research, as the legal market expanded in the U.S. and Canada in 2016, North American marijuana sales grew by an unprecedented 30%, to $6.7 billion.  North American sales are projected to top $20.2 billion by 2021 assuming a compound annual growth rate of 25%.  To put this in perspective, the growth of this industry is larger and faster than even the dot-com era (Forbes, January 3, 2017).

All high quality marijuana is grown indoors.  If you ask any indoor marijuana gardener about his or her two biggest nightmares, the answer will be an outbreak of either powdery mildew or spider mites in the flowering phase of the plant’s life.  Mite Buster Pro eliminates spider mite infestation, potentially saving the gardener thousands of dollars.

Comments from Growers regarding Mite Buster Pro:

“What a great idea!  This looks like a great non-chemical solution to a very common problem for all growers.” 

“I wish this would have been around years ago so I would not have thrown out thousands of dollars.”

“Spider mites are a common problem for all indoor gardeners of all experience levels.”